Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wizard of Oz Quilt

It has been a very busy couple of days. I have a friend that is 70 years old. He does the best Lolly Pop kids and Oz coroner impersination. It is guaranteed to make you smile. For a long time I have been wanting to make him a quilt and finally. I am getting to it. I purchased the Oz fabric last year and it has taken me a while to get to it. I have researched and found some ideas, and just went at it myself. I cut the strips of the Oz fabric into separate blocks, then I made pinwheels out of Emerald City green pattern fabric and some Debbie Mumm gold with apples I found on sale. It made me think of the apple trees that slapped the cowardly lion in the woods on the way to Oz. I did a yellow brick road pattern through the quilt leading the way to Oz. I still have a border to put on, but I am waiting on the fabric. I ordered Emerald city green, with the bad witch flying on it. I will post another picture when it is complete.

I have a baby quilt ready to mail to a family member. I just need to add label. I will post that picture also.

The weather is pleasant here today, but quite a rain storm coming in later. Will be quite warm in East Texas tomorrow, so we will continue to work on the addition to my quilt room. We are in the process of making a separate place for my quilt frame and machine. It will give me more room in the sewing room to spread out. You know you can never have enough space.

Happy Quilting to all.


  1. It looks fantastic! And the emerald border will be the perfect finishing touch. I'm sure your friend is going to be thrilled with such a thoughtful gift. Great job!

  2. I like it. I enjoy making wizard of o z quilts and also sock monkey fabric quilts

  3. awesome... i want one