Thursday, September 24, 2009

The year is passing sooooo fast

Hello friends. Seems like every time I get time to do a post the days have passed toooooo fast... The years have went by in a flash. My HB and I recently celebrated our 38th anniversary. It has been fantastic passing the days with my best friend. We seem to share almost all of the same interests, and respect the differences we do have. I have learned... Life is easiest with compromise.
Our children took us to the Tokyo Restaurant in our area and we enjoyed trying different foods with our DIL interpreting everything that was presented. It was such fun. You can see our beautiful grandchildren in the picture. Kim is 11??? I think and Trey is 8... Now someone will read this and say I am wrong. But facts like that seem to slip out of my mind.
I have been very busy the past month or so quilting, quilting, and more quilting for my customers. I have uploaded a number of pictures to my webshots photo album. You are welcome to look here.
I have also pieced and quilted a number of quilts for friends and family. One I did for my mom as a gift to a young couple that collects everything "M &M" they like the little characters. When mom asked if I could make one I said Oh Yes!!! No problem. It was after those words that I learned M & M novelty fabric is out of production. So I had to hunt on e bay and pay over $25. per yard. That was a lesson learned. But I was happy to do it for the couple I have know for years.

That is me on in my quilt room. I spend many an hour in there. I just love to escape to my quilt space.
I wish all of you Happy Quilting. Come by and visit again.