Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 is nearing an end!

Christmas is all most here, and once again it is time to reflect on the passing year and remember old friends. It has been a very good year for our family, we have been blessed with good health and much happiness. My mom turned 80 in November and we had a party for her with over 75 friends and family. What a happy time it was. My Mom does not drive any more and it is difficult for her to get out, so to see the happiness on her face was the best gift to me.

I have been busy quilting for many months, quilting mostly for others. But I do make time every little while to do what I want to do.
I made a photo memory quilt for Mom. The hardest part of that quilt was to decide on what pictures. I wanted to use soooooo many. I mailed blocks all over the country for friends to sign to give it from all the family. The blocks that were vacant were left for friends to sign at the party. This will be a treasure for my Mom. I just love making memory quilts. I think, when a person is all by themselves and lonely, having their friends and family to wrap around them is comforting. This is a fun and exciting project to do. You may want to try it some time..

I normally print each photo separate and makes separate blocks of them. But this time I made like scrapbook pages, printed every 8.5" X 11" sheet of fabric full and sewed the strips together to make a scrapbook strip. I chose fall colors since that is my Mom's favorite colors and made Maple leaf blocks since Maple trees are plentiful where she lives. (if you are a good quilter) you will notice I forgot to put the stems to my maple leaves so some will call it a bear paw block. Any way it was fun to do.

Christmas it now just 4 days away and I have been trying to share some Christmas cooking with my Grand kids. I will post some of those pictures later.

Happy Quilting to all.... and a Very Merry Christmas.