Monday, January 24, 2011

Half square triangle

I have finished my GED (Get-er-Done) challenge for January. I inherited a quilt with half square triangles that was almost finished. I just had to add borders and quilt it. I used fleece and cotton batting. It is so soft and comfortable. I have a family member that is battling cancer, so I mailed it on to him. I hope it will help comfort him.
I have been seeing Mug Rugs at different places around the net. I thought that would be fun, so I bought a mug from "World Market" and made a rug for it. That was a fun challenge.

Today I am working on a quilt for my Grand daughters birthday... Which is Friday. So I better get to it... Happy Quilting to all...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year Beginnings


I did neglect my blog last year, but my resolution is to stay busy and stay in contact with all of you. I love to share my quilting. I have a lot of projects from last year.... I will list them along with links of where I got my ideas... I do use some patterns... but mostly I see something and like to make it my way, but I will list patterns when ever I use one.

I like the Yahoo Group: Country Quilters USA. I try to keep up with those quilters... but they are really into quilting. They are having a GED 2011 Challenge (Get 'er done in 2011) So I have decided to join the fun. You are to choose 12 projects you have to do and complete them in the order the moderator tells you to. You will be expected to do 12 in the year.

So I started looking, and it is sad to say.... I could list 48 projects and still have more to list. But I have decided on 12 :

#1. Pink Block of the Month. I inherited this one from a friend.

#2. Flannel Scrap Quilt. I want to make a simple 6" charm scrap quilt out of the fabrics. This is inherited fabric also...

#3. (2) Pink Princess Teddy bear Panels. I will add borders and quilt them for a needy child.

#4. Brier Patch ( hydrangia fabric)

#5. Fable Blocks. This to be made into a kids quilt.

#6. 52" lone star quilt. Done in Christmas colors...

#7. Purple rose fabric. I have made this quilt pattern several times I love it.... Especially with the scallop borders.

#8. Black 1/2 Square triangles. I inherited this from a friend. I will complete it my way.

#9.Lincoln's Platform or Tranquility. This pattern is from "Quilts & More/ Spring 2010" These are lovely fabrics from "Connecting Threads" .

#10. Little Susan Tablecloth, Pattern from "Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting July/Aug. 2005" I colored and embroidered the blocks in 2005 just never got this put together.

#11. 1999 BOM from Joann's Fabrics (Green). I inherited this from a friend.

#12. (3) Christmas Panels. Tree skirts and stockings. I love these have done some but need to finish the rest. These are lovely with prairie points to finish the edge.

So!!!! That's my selection for the year....

Happy Quilting to all until next time....