Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tube Quilting

I tried an exciting new block this week.
While reading one of the quilt groups I belong to, someone mentioned this technique and provided the link. I watched it, and was on to another challenge.
It was so fun and easy I pieced this quilt in one afternoon. My grandson's "Tiny Mite" Football team needed to raise money, so I quilted it and gave it to them for a raffle. Click on the "Tube Quilting" title at the top and give it a try.
One warning I would give, is to remember when your blocks are complete you are dealing 100% with bias edges. That means you have stretchy edges. I was in a hurry to do this quilt so when I added my borders I just cut strips and add them.... Now... I know better than that. I think all of the blocks finished to 10 1/2" I should have calculated the exact length and made them fit. Well..... I paid the price with wavy borders when I started to quilt it. I ended up having to take the quilt off the frame and remove the borders and do it the right way. It pays to do things correctly from the start and not try to rush and do it wrong. LESSON LEARNED!!!!
I did like that this was a fast an easy block to do. With I think a more complicated look when it's finished.
I have been very busy lately quilting for others with my Bailey 15" quilter. I am constantly seeing and learning new things. Talking of "Wavy Borders" I do run across a lot of them when quilting for others. I try to stay aware of it and work them along a little at a time so I don't end up with a pleat toward the bottom. There are many small tricks to work them in. I finished a group of 7 quilts yesterday from one person and they were the BEST pieced tops I have ever done. All of them were PERFECT! This person must have taken a lot of time to cut all her blocks square and of the same size.. and measure all of her borders. I never turn away any one's work. And will look it over and kindly explain what I see and what I can do. I get of people who know nothing of quilting that have old pieced tops from family members that they want quilted. I love to work and help others so I do my best and make them a quilt they will be proud of. But even doing my own work. I have NEVER had them quilt as smoothly as the ones I just finished. HATS OFF the Faye.
This year I have branched off a lot with my quilting and met many new friends. I have enjoyed quilting for all of them I learn a lot, see new blocks I want to try, and am so amazed at some color combinations. I think I am beginning to believe there is no such thing as an UGLY fabric. I have seen color combinations I would have been afraid to attempt, but they are absolutely beautiful when mixed together. Well here I am rambling...
This week I have to get busy. I will going to visit my Mother and help her celebrate her 80th birthday in 10 days. I have been working on making a picture quilt for her. I have gathered many old picture and have printed them on fabric. Many family members have signed blocks to her and they will put them around the border. I plan to leave many blank blocks around the edge. We are having a party for her and each person that attend will be encouraged to sign a block while they are there. I hope it will be fun.
That's it for today. Happy quilting to all...


  1. What a great looking quilt! I can't believe it was that easy to make. Will have to check out the video, I guess... :o)

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hi Holly,
    I tootled on over here from the Bailey group :O)... your quilting is lovely!!! and so are you quilts!