Thursday, October 1, 2009

October is here!

Fall is in the air. It feels so good to have the windows open and listen to the cool breeze blow through. I have been very busy quilting. This week I have quilted 4 quilts and will post them as I get the binding on them. This quilt is for a friend up north. I used a vintage baby fabric I had and I just love it. I tried to make it look very dainty for a little girl. The back is flannel so it will be so comfy. I quilted using the "Angel Wings" pattern. Most people think it is butterflies, but it is called Angel Wings. I like to think in using this pattern that the angels will watch over this little person. I am trying to be a little more detailed with the borders, so I did a scalloped border on this one. I have two more I am currently binding and I have used the scalloped border on both of these also.
I have one ready to border that I am going to try the prairie points on... So wish me luck...

Thank you for dropping by.
Happy Quilting

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