Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quilt Show

I went to the Red River Quilt Show yesterday, located on the Red River in Shreveport, La. There were definitely some beautiful quilts to see. Just imagine the many many hours that were put into such beautiful quilts. My Husband went with me. He really enjoys looking. He talked to every person that would listen to him. He wanted to know why I never entered any quilts... And all is I could say is. I make quilts to used... Not just to hang and look pretty.

I have finished 3 quilts this past week. The first one I just call a quilt of many colors. It is just made out of reproduction fabrics. I made that for my cousin that is going through a hard time just now battling cancer. I hope it will comfort her as fights the disease back. The quilt design was once again the "Angel wings pattern. My favorite.

The Next one is called Pink country rose. I think the fabric is just beautiful. and the quilt design on that on is the Angel wings.

The Next on is a Christmas Poinsettia design and the quilt pattern is Poinsettia & Holly that blended so well together. I tried to do them a little fancier with the scalloped borders. I have offered the quilts for donation and raffle. Hopefully the organizations getting them will will be able to make some cash for their upcoming adventures..

The weekend is late. I better get on. Have a wonderful week and Happy Quilting.

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  1. Your quilts are just beautiful! I think they'd do great in a show, as well as being useful. ;o) Wonderful job on the quilting, too!