Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hot Summer Days...

Oh My!!!! The time has flown by since I last posted on my blog..

Summer has come to East Texas. The time of the year I dread the most, it is 97* today, with a heat index of about 102* entirely too hot for me. My HB and I got up at 5am to work in the blueberry patch before it got too hot. He cut irrigation ditches with the tractor and I hoed and put pine straw around all the bushes. Our patch is young, only 125 bushes, but things are looking good. We have had an abundance of rain this year, but blueberries take a lot of water to survive so we are adding to the irrigation we already had. Now it should be OK for the summer. If all goes well we will plant about 200 more bushes this fall. We hope to have about 5 acres o fruit trees, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries within the next 5 years so we will have a small U-pick it farm when my HB retires.

Other than that I have been busy quilting. Got a lot of new customers, so I have been steady quilting. This past month I quilted 20 quilts for customers, so needless to say I have not been doing much piecing of my own. But I have lots of ideas.

I have so many projects put aside to do, It will take me 2 years just to use up the fabric I have.

By the way... If any of you quilters need tops quilted send me an email... I will tell you what I do.

I got a new computer and I thought to transfer all my files from the old one.... But I forgot to transfer my favorites, so now I have to work very hard to locate all my blog friends. My son took my old computer to use in his shop. He is getting a plasma cutter and needs a computer to use on it. He will not be connected to the net or anything and will run just one program on it.. So it should work great for that. I had bought a new laptop back in January and got the largest volume computer I could get with 64 bit vista. I did not like it at all... I am old... and used to XP office. I was getting it for ease of going to sewing classes with my MC11000. But SURPRISE!!!! My sewing machine would not work with VISTA.... you can download some updates to use with a 32 bit Vista... But now things were not compatible. So I ended up giving that computer to my DIL for he card making... ( and my son bought me a new tower with XP..... Funny thing is you now have to pay more for an XP computer than Vista.

Here I go getting on my "high horse" I think it is not right, the way Micosoft crams new operating systems down our throats without giving us or companies a choice. They have the monopoly on operating systems... "they say they don't" ... and when they decide to make a change, everyone suffers. It is either buy more... or do without. It puts companies like Janome or any type of computerized equipment to great expense to change their machines. Then people that have older models have to work with updating or paying for new upgrades. Even if what they have works great. Then in a couple of years.... If you did not or could not afford to update. You are out of luck, since your equipment is no longer operational. I will stand down now. But I think it is terrible. I am too old for change now. So I will stick with XP until I can no longer use it.

As I said... It is so hot today... I am sitting playing on the computer until the heat passes for the day. But I guess it is time to get to quilting.

Happy Summer and Happy quilting to all.

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